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  • She asked me in a thoughtful way: "What does it mean to be Colombian ?". "I don't know", I replied.... "It's an act of faith" (From "Ulrike" - by Jorge Luis Borges)
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June 03, 2012


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Hi ! Thanks for stopping by.
I must confess that I haven't seen the last part of the docu on YouTube yet, but from what I saw I can very well imagine that Uribe is not overjoyed with the picture emerging from him. However, Langlois was by far not the first and will surely not be the last to make such allegations. Seems to be a standard tactic of Uribe though to link his opponents to terrorism, or at least question their "purity".

Totally agree with your last sentence, which pretty much sums up what I tried to reflect in my article.


Nice writeup! Have you watched the mentioned documentary (Pour tout l'or de Colombie)?
Would have been nice to write about the links why ex President Uribe attacked Langlois how he did (as appearing in the documentary).
In the future it will be even more dangerous for Langlois to work in Colombia again.

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